Transforming real-time data into faster, smarter, more profitable business decisions

JDA Luminate™ are next generation solutions that extend and enhance JDA’s leading end-to-end portfolio through market-leading edge technologies.  JDA Luminate solutions embrace the cloud, IoT, AI/ML, advanced analytics and cross-platform integration. Built on a cognitive, connected real-time platform, Luminate solutions deliver complete supply chain visibility and prescriptive recommendations that enable more accurate, profitable business decisions.

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A built-in network control center

Luminate Control Tower is an award-winning SaaS solution that senses unexpected events across the supply chain, identifies potential impact of such disruptions and orchestrates subsequent corrective action with machine learning-based prescriptive guidance.


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Prescriptive logistics, balanced and prioritized

JDA’s Luminate Logistics addresses peaks and valleys in traditional warehouse wave operations.  Using SaaS-based delivery, unleash the transformative logistics power of up-coming AI and ML technologies as the autonomous supply chain becomes a reality.

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Connected, intelligent autonomous planning

JDA’s Luminate Planning portfolio leverages machine learning to analyze hundreds of potential variables to find the probabilities of different outcomes. Each outcome can be associated with a calculated business impact and risk—enabling higher planner productivity, better inventory management, automated store replenishment, ultimately, an improved understanding of customer behavior.

Luminate Planning Solutions include:

Simplified decision making for every location

JDA’s Luminate Retail portfolio harnesses the power of AI and ML, giving companies a true competitive edge. Visual assortment planning based on consumers' buying behaviors, automated high-dimensional optimized lifecycle pricing strategies and in-store task prioritization fuel excellent customer service.

Luminate Retail Solutions include:

From smart manufacturing, dynamic transport and digital warehouses to intelligent retail, see how JDA Luminate powers the autonomous supply chain™

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