How can Warehouse Labor Management help my business?

Despite advancements in warehouse automation, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT), the ultimate constraint and largest direct cost to your warehouse operation is still within your workforce. Due to the aging, global population and historically low unemployment rates, workforce shortage is a big concern and one that does not look to improve for some time. The challenge for manufacturing and distribution companies is figuring out how they can perform better with the current workforce market conditions, especially with continued growth in unified commerce and slow growth in workforce availability. JDA Warehouse Labor Management will help to balance management and investment in automation to meet your business objectives.  Want to identify and understand the opportunities in your business? We invite you to complete a comprehensive and complimentary Warehouse Workforce Planning and Productivity Management Self-Assessment to benchmark your company against the very best.


  • Cloud based deployment options for lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and speed to value
  • Role-based user experience and fully mobile enabled
  • Supports continuous improvement via trend analysis, real-time monitoring and report cards
  • Provides visibility into current workloads, tasks completed and employee downtime
  • Delivers advanced workforce planning, scheduling and task optimization


  • Decreased labor expenses with employee incentive programs and more accurate planning and scheduling
  • Improved morale and reduced turnover, and decreased training costs
  • Higher productivity and throughput
  • Improved labor utilization

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