Deliver a Personalized Shopping Experience with Category Management Deliver a Personalized Shopping Experience with Category Management

How can Assortment Optimization help my business?

In today’s hyper-competitive world of unified commerce, getting product assortments right is critical. But with diverse and changing consumer needs across the chain, how can you maximize the sales and profit potential of both assortments and space? With JDA Assortment Optimization, the industry’s only space-aware planning solution. By integrating your spatial and planogram data with point-of-sale, market and demographic information, JDA gets the mix right — squeezing maximum profits out of every store. 

Looking to make your data work for you? JDA and dunnhumby are working together to create winning category management strategies that deliver prescriptive consumer-based insights. 

Want to identify and understand the opportunities in your business? We invite you to complete a comprehensive and complimentary Space and Category Management Self-Assessment to benchmark your company against the very best.


  • Consumer-centric decision support, empowered with insights such as transferable demand and decision trees
  • Highly graphic, visual process for defining assortments
  • Supports space-aware assortments that fit within allocated shelf space


  • Increased sales and profit margins via targeted assortments
  • Improved shopper satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduced overstocks and stock-outs

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